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Washing Lift 4Ton Tyre Rest

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Our company designs and manufactures superior quality Hydraulic Lifts, which are robust and light in weight. The Hydraulic Lifts function when the downward motion of the plunger assembly causes displacement of oil through the metering tube holes and decelerates the impacting mass. The measure of the lift’s high performance depends on the displacement of oil and that of the buffer depends on the size and distribution of these holes. The gas spring ensures the re-extending of the plunger and the frictional forces check whether this re-extending of the plunger has been achieved.

Technical Specifications
Model JSRP 4
Lifting Capacity 4 Tons
Operating Pressures 9-12 Kg / cm2
Max. Lifting Heights 1500 mm
No. of Plunger 1100×2000 mm x 2 No.