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Petrol Gas Analyser

AURA 7 Petrol / Exhaust Gas Analyser
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  • ARAI approved, complies with ISO 3930
  • Portable, lightweight and compact design, as big as an A4 size paper
  • Bluetooth connectivity with any android mobile, tablet, and handheld device
  • Compatible with computer and laptop
  • NDIR Technology
  • Capable of checking BS1 to BS6 emissions (and beyond)
  • DC/Battery operation allows portability to any location (optional)
  • Allows measurement of an engine’s RPM
  • Battery Indication: Low battery / wrong battery
  • Readable LED light to show machine function
  • Easy to clean filters
  • Allows easy electronic / gas calibration
  • One year warranty
  • Standard Accessories – Power Cord, Sampling Probe, Sampling Pipe, Machine Software, User Manual
Technical Specifications
Parameters Range
Oxygen (O2) 0.5 to 21.7% vo
Carbon monoxide (CO) 0.03 to 10.50% vol.
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 0.4% to 21% vol
Hydro carbon (HC 10 to 20000 ppm
Nitrogen oxide (NOx)- Optional -30 to 5000 ppm
R.P.M 400-9999 rpm
Oil temperature 20 to 150 ▫C
Lambda 0 to 9.999
Warm-up time 7 minutes
Interface Computerized
Operating temperature 5 to 50 ▫C