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Wall Mount Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

NG AT503
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Vehicle Applicable: Motorcycles, Cars, Vans, Mini-Buses and Light Trucks

Benefits of Nitrogen
  • Nitrogen gas does not expand due to heat, therefore, in summer or at high speed, the tyre does not expand or bust due to increase in temperature.
  • The Nitrogen gas does not contract due to low temperature. Thus the tire rubber does not contract. Therefore the life of tire rubber increase.
  • Also the braking of tire is improved and the tire does not skid or make noise on turns.
  • Nitrogen gas avoids oxidation of the rubber being a dry gas. Thus avoids rusting of the steel rim also.
  • Due to stable nature of the nitrogen gas, it does not exert any internal pressure. Therefore, in case of puncture, the nitrogen gas escapes very slowly from the tire thus giving more time to drive a punctured tire.
  • Usage of nitrogen gas increases the tire life by 20%-25% and fuel saving 6%-10%.
  • Soft touch stainless steel switches
  • Automatic Tyre Detection
  • Automatic filling speed adjustment using intelligent software ensures fast inflation
  • Safe with self diagnostics and always confirms a high setpoint to avoid wrong setpoint entry
  • Auto/Manual mode selectable’ PSI/BAR unit selectable
Technical Specifications
  • Power supply: AC220V 50HZ
  • Power: 25 W
  • Nitrogen purity: 95-99.5%
  • Input Air Pressure: 8- 10 kg/cm
  • Output nitrogen pressure: 4 – 7 kg/cm
  • Nitrogen producing speed: 2000 – 4000 L/h
  • Operating Temp: -20 – 70°C
  • Accuracy: +-1 PSI
  • Display Mode: 1” LED Dual Display
  • Wall Mounted Machine without Storage tank