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AC Recharging Machine Semi Automatic

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Automatic, safe and efficient for professional and cost-effective air-conditioning service

  • Electronic balance measures the recycled and recharged refrigerant during the whole process
  • Microcomputer control the whole process
  • Liquid crystal bright background display
  • Electro-magnetic valve design prevents damage from liquid flow
  • Fast and convenient self-sealing connections
  • Automatic reminding of problem checking and alarming
  • Automatic reminding of present operation state
  • Automatic reminding of maintenance
Technical Specifications
  • Recovery Speed: 180 g/min
  • Vacuum Speed: 60 Ltr/min
  • Recharging Speed: 18 g/s
  • Scale Accuracy: +10 g
  • Work Tank Capacity: 10 kg
  • Vacuum Pump: 2 Stage
  • Compressor: 1.5 HP