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DUET Dual Channel Sensors

FlowCERT & Pulsar’s unique twintransducer DUET provides the highest accuracy, non-contact, ultrasonic, flow measurement system available
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Non-contacting, open channel flow measurement is difficult to get right, especially when there is an ever-increasing need for accurate and reliable flow readings. The DUET is a unique product to Pulsar Measurement and features a patented approach to addressing the issue of accuracy for non-contacting open channel flow measurement.

Both ultrasonic transducers fire together, continuously monitoring the phase difference of the echoes, and because the distance between the transducer faces is known and constant, the speed of sound is continuously updated in real-time for the process. Meaning the accuracy and stability of open channel flow measurement readings are exceptional.

The DUET transducer can be combined with the FlowCERT controller. The combined system is MCERTS Class 1 certified, meaning the open channel flow measurement readings from the DUET and FlowCERT meet the industry standard, so utilities across the globe can be confident in their flow measurement.

  • Unique patented non-contacting transducer
  • Insensitive to air temperature variations
  • 300 mm (11.8 in) Deadband
  • Most accurate open channel flow system in the world!
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