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The industry’s highest accuracy, noncontacting, ultrasonic measurement of open channel flows.
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The FlowCERT provides comprehensive open channel flow measurement with extensive data logging and control functions. It includes a range of pre-programmed flumes and weirs, so setup is quick, simple, and straightforward. The unit is compatible with a range of both contacting and non-contacting sensors and has the flexibility to change with your application. The open channel flow meter also provides the option to make the application MCERTS Class 1 Certified, meaning FlowCERT has undergone external, independent testing to ensure its accuracy and reliability when it comes to open channel flow measurement.

The control unit can be used for open channel flow measurement both with and without Primary Measuring Devices (PMD’s). The Ultra Data Logger provides the FlowCERT with data logging functionality, recording a wealth of information onto the 8 GB Micro SD card, enabling users to log a wealth of data for the lifetime of the unit. FlowCERT’s data logging capabilities aid utility companies across the globe with compliance and the ability to look at data over a period of time.

  • Easy prompt set up
  • Standard onboard memory gives 1-year log at 10-minute intervals
  • 5 control/alarm relays
  • Flow totalization and outputs
  • Universal flow calculation with 32 set points
  • Penstock control using step time
  • Modbus and Profibus options
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