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The Pulsar Flow Monitor is designed to be combined with the FlowPulse Sensor, a dedicated wall-mounted device that gives an instant indication to pipe flow. The unit is ideal for fixed installations, that require constant pipe flow measurements. The Flow Monitor can be AC or DC supplied and provides the power and a simple interface for the FlowPulse non-contacting, clamp-on flow sensor. This small and compact unit expands the capability of the FlowPulse, providing two relays that can be programmed as an alarm or control for pipe flow or velocity – alternatively, either relay can be programmed as a totalizer.

Additionally, the Flow Monitor also provides an mA output and onboard logging capabilities, including a daily total, giving you more control over your process system. The Flow Monitor and FlowPulse sensor are an ideal combination for clamp-on flow monitoring, it takes just minutes to install the FlowPulse by clamping to the outside of a pipe The easy to read display of the Flow Monitor gives an instant indication to pipe flow.

  • Provides power for FlowPulse 22-28 V DC and Universal AC 85-264 V
  • Display for flow / velocity from a single FlowPulse controller
  • Setup of FlowPulse sensor
  • Two programmable relays for control and alarm
  • Daily system / resettable totalizers
  • Logging, set up, and download via optional Log Software
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