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DLT 2.0

Differential Level Transmitter with Non-Contacting Sensors
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The Greyline DLT 2.0 Differential Level Transmitter is a simple solution for differential level measurement including applications found in wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, and combined sewer systems. The Differential Level Transmitter includes two differential level sensors. Position each sensor at your desired location, above a channel, up and downstream from a bar screen for example, and the DLT 2.0 can display and transmit differential level measurement. The downstream sensor could even be positioned above a flume or weir to measure and totalize open channel flow.

To make the most out of your DLT 2.0, install one sensor on each side of a mechanical bar screen to continuously monitor level. Using the built-in relays or 4-20mA outputs to automatically activate the bar screen rake at preset levels. Three 4-20mA outputs are configured to transmit upstream level, downstream level (or flow), and differential level. The built-in relays of the Differential Level Transmitter can be calibrated for level control, differential level control, or open channel flow.

Other applications for the DLT 2.0 include two-tank inventory, where you can monitor levels within two tanks with just one instrument, aiding stock control and process efficiency. The Differential Level Transmitter will alternate a display of level in both tanks, plus it will transmit 4-20mA outputs.

  • Measures Level, Differential Level, and Open Channel Flow
  • Two, Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Large White Backlit LCD Display
  • Three Isolated 4-20mA Outputs
  • Built-in 5-Key Calibration
  • 2 Programmable Control Relays
  • Optional 2 Million Point Data Logger
  • Optional Intrinsically Safe Sensors
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