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WASP Level Switch For Liquids

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Jayceetech products are ISO certified and its quality, as well as the trustworthiness, makes it famous as the best WASP fork level switch supplier in India. We provide complete manual which contains principles and usage of our products so that our customers can easily install them and does not require any advanced calibration or configuration. Best qualities of Jaycee’s WASP fork level switch:

  • We offers quality product at affordable price.
  • Its products are easy to use, anybody can use these products.
  • Users will get the well-written user manual describing the working mechanism.
  • All product buyers will entertain the limited warranty period for not only the products but also all of its integrated parts.
  • Durability and longevity is assured in our products.
  • We provide full electric and auto-driven product.
  • We are available for support anytime; just send your queries online.

Jayceetech WASP- fork level switches can be used in liquids such as wine, milk. Oil, diesel, Feed water, etc. and it also allows small grains and powders such as cement, lime and sand. There are two types of housing available for these switches such as standard and flameproof.

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