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Vibrating Fork Level Switch (Swift) For Liquids

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We are ISO certified Vibrating Fork Level Switches manufacturer in India. We provide a complete guide for principles and usages of our products so that the users can get the best results out of it.Best points about Jaycee’s vibrating fork level switches:

We always want to be one step ahead in order to furnish the best technological equipment to the world. That is why we try to inculcate more and more features in our products. Points related to products that make a difference in our industry:

  • Long-lasting quality products.
  • Available at the most competitive prices.
  • Clear technical specifications.
  • Description of working mechanism.
  • Easy to use.
  • All types of liquids and free flowing dry small grains and powders.
  • Feed Tanks in Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industry, Process.
  • Food and Beverage and Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems.
  • Most liquids with max 10000 mm2/s viscosity
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