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Vibrating Fork Level Switch For Solids

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Jaycee technology is rapidly growing in order to cover domestic as well as international market for its products. Being prominent Vibrating Fork Level Switches manufacturer in India, our professionals keep the environment in consideration too. This way, our products are more eco-friendly.

Being the leading Vibrating Fork Level Switches supplier in India, we are the synonym of Quality products. Also, we are open to manufacture or design the product according to the needs of customers. The satisfaction level of our users and customers is our topmost priority. We work best in this direction to achieve it and set new benchmarks every year.

Salient Features:
  • Fast and Easy Installation No Calibration.
  • No effect of electrical properties of the Service material. High Reliability.
  • Suitable for the highly dusty environment.
  • Field selectable operation logic.Can be configured either for High or Low level point switching.
  • Provides economical solutions, Various model not required. Reduces the Inventory cost.
  • Buildind Industry: Cement , sand and lime (Particle size max 10mm)
  • Pesticide Powder, Powder Dyes, Plastic Granules, Food grains.
  • Cement, Sand and Lime. (Particle size Max. 10 mm)
  • Free flowing application: food Grains Like Coffee Beans, wheat, Soya etc. and salt, Zinc Sulphate, etc.
  • Powder: Milk Powder, Flour, Pesticide powder, powder dyes, Plastics Granules etc.
  • Any free-flowing dry powder
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