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Rotating Paddle Level Switch For Solids

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Rotating Paddle Level Switch is used mainly for slicing, beats, cutting hard crops, managing plastic powders, Granules, and Pellets, for sunflower, sunflower cod, sand, calcium powder, Gypsum, coffee, and coco powder, flour, sugar, active soot, coal powder, fly ash, etc. Jayceetech is rapidly growing as the leading Rotating Paddle Level Switches manufacturer in India due to its quality products at the least prices. We are also available to resolve queries pertaining to applications.

Salient Features:
  • Level switch for powders and free flowing solids
  • Flexible coupling (optional as per application)
  • Extension up to 3 m
  • Robust, dust and watertight housing
  • Extended life by motor shut off design
  • Sealed bearings
  • Interchangeable paddle assemblies
  • Magnetic Clutch mechanism
  • Special design option for under water detection of solids application.
  • Agriculture : Beet slice, Hard crop
  • Chemical industry : Plastic powders, Granules, Pellets
  • Food industry : Sun flower, Sun flower cod
  • Building industry : Sand, Calcium powder, Gypsum, Coffee and Cacao Powder, Flour, Sugar, etc.
  • Energetics : Active soot, Coal powder and Fly ash
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