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Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels

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Being the best Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels suppliers in India, Jayceetech provides various kinds of sensor. All the products offered by us have different usages. Our Moisture Sensor for Mixers and Small Vessels are known as HydroMix sensor which is useful for flush mount for mixers, in Concrete Plants, Biofood Grains outlet chutes and other bulk materail small hoppers.

We always want to be one step ahead in order to furnish the best technological equipment to the world. That is why we try to inculcate more and more features in our products. Points related to products that make a difference in our industry:

  • We have used advanced digital technology in our product that makes the product easy to use with the least possible variations.
  • Fully temperature compensated measurement is integrated in order to balance the power supply and prevent damages.
  • Different measurement modes are available so users can measure temperature, and accuracy easily.
  • The product has sensor configuration, easy interface, and normal power requirements.
  • We have attached influencive calibration with the possible wear life.
  • Replaceable Ceramic Faceplate is also available for the product. After the warranty period, even if there is damage, users can just change this part instead of buying a new product or equipment.
  • Fully Temperature Compensated Measurement
  • Advanced Digital Technology
  • Easy to Interface
  • Replaceable Ceramic Faceplate
  • Measurement Modes
  • Wear Life
  • Sensor Configuration
  • Simple Power Requirements
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Measuring in the Mix
  • Calibration
  • Accuracy of Measurement
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