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Level Sensors – RF Level / Position Switch

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We are being the best RF Level / Position Switch manufacturer in India, Jayceetech provides clear and straight technical specification for each product. Some common technical specifications are available in all kinds of RF Level / Position Switch.

  • Compact design, so suitable for small vessels.
  • Auto tunes for every emptying cycle.
  • Precise switch point even when coated.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Built in LED indicators for status, alarm & normal operation.
  • Microcontroller Based.
  • High or Low fail safe selected provided.
  • Level detection for storage tanks, and pipelines : Point level detection of high and low filling level.
  • Level Detection in light weight and powdered media : Point level detection in foamy and powery media.
  • Level detection in Non Conductive sticky media and Liquids : Point level detection in sticky, pasty, viscous media, even after coating.
  • Level detection in solid media
  • Protection pumps from running dry.
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