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Level Sensors – Capacitance Level Position Detector-PiCap

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PiCap is microcontroller based, working on ultra high frequency principal, capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic objects at distances, reliably and efficiently. PiCap sensitivity is factory set to detect most of the available substances in common Industrial applications. Since the detection range depends on the dielectric constant of the media and the nearness of objects surrounding the installation; in special cases, the sensitivity may need adjustment. The detection distance can be set by non contact magnetic switch for a desired distance within the PiCap limits.

  • Digital sensing, digital setting Available in metal housing
  • Flush or non-flush types
  • Long sensing range
  • Non contact magnetic key provided for sensitivity adjustment in typical applications
  • Current limited universal transistor output as standard (PNP/NPN -field selectable)
  • Reverse polarity and transient voltage protected
  • Suitable for very low dielectric constant material
  • Food Grains and plastic pellet detection
  • Object detection and counting
  • Level control / monitoring through a sight glass / non-metallic window
  • Liquid level detection in non-metallic containers
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