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Chute Level Switch For Solids

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Jayceetech is leading manufacturer of Chute level switch, boot and diaphragm level switch in India. We offer predominant Diaphragm Level Switch that is made up from quality material with perfect finishing. Known for its impeccable highlights, Diaphragm Level Switch is very popular among our clients. Boot level switch is applicable to detect the level in the bucket alligator boot & similar small hopers and ducts.

We always want to be one step ahead in order to furnish the best technological equipment to the world. That is why we try to inculcate more and more features in our products. Points related to products that make a difference in our industry:


The JAYCEEBOOT level switch is used for indicating, controlling, and regulating the level of granulated or powdered dry materials with a grain diameter up to 15mm and a density of 0,3 to 2,5 g/cm3, flowing through a silo, hopper or chute.


The device must be mounted so that the diaphragm membrane is exposed to the product whose level should be controlled, in such a way that the product can press the diaphragm.

The material weight presses the diaphragm which is adjusted with the microswitch through a flexible mechanism. A liver attached to the diaphragm transfers the pressure to the microswitch which changes the contact.

When the material recedes the diaphragm comes back to its normal position and the microswitch again changes the contact.

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