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Capacitance Level Switch For Liquids

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Jayceetech is the leading Capacitance Level Switches manufacturer in India which provides the quality products to its customers. The best thing about our manufacturing is that it is completely focused on customer needs and satisfaction.

Jayceetech is working hard to increase the reach of technology in every small area across the globe and at the least possible prices. We provide various switches and transmitter for particular usage. Amid all these, Capacitance Level Switch is used for liquid products.

  • The finest efficiency of the products.
  • Delivery of the products after checking, testing, and verifying the operational accuracy.
  • Best results in the minimum cost.
  • A complete manual guide containing the products’ descriptions.
  • Money back guarantee of the product.
Liquid Applications:
  • Acids
  • Acitone
  • Amonia Benzine
  • Feed water
  • CTC
  • Diesel
  • Oils
  • fruit juice
  • milk
  • wine
Probe Specifications:

Conductive material: Water based solutions. Acids, Based etc – only insulated probe are suggested.

Non-Conductivity material: Mostly petrochemical and solvents – insulated or non- insulated probes can be used.

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